A small practice with dedicated staff


Anne Wrightson MCSP HPC reg MAACP (member of acupuncture association of chartered physiotherapists) 

Anne has over 25 years experience gained both in private practice and within the NHS treating a wide-range of injuries and problems.

Anne has many years experience treating whiplash and other accident related injuries,and has attended medico legal courses and whiplash masterclass courses.

Anne also has an extensive background with sports related physiotherapy having worked with many rugby teams notably Eastern Counties rugby, Middlesex 7's for the RFU and England students rugby league to name a few.


Sally Mayfield MCSP HPC reg MAACP (Advanced)

Sally has had many years experience gained within the NHS and 7 years working for the army and in private practice, she has an interest and experience in all muscle/joint/sports injuries and neck and back problems and holds an advanced acupuncture qualification, Sally also has an acupuncture qualification for use in neurology ( for Multiple scelerosis and other neurological diseases.)Sally also does acupuncture for smoking cessation.



Judith Semmons MCSP HPC reg MSc. pain management MAACP

Judith also has over 20 years experience with an interest in general physiotherapy, hand injuries, chronic pain management, women's health and is a qualified acupuncturist.

In addition to her time here in Thetford she has now been promoted to Head Physiotherapist at the pain clinic Queens Kings Lynn. Judith continues to see chronic pain patients here in Thetford giving her high level of professionalism and expertise to this clinic.


Suzanne Joslin MSc MCSP HPC reg 

Suzanne was trained by the UK NHS and has worked for several years for the physiotherapy department at West Suffolk hospital and has gained a lot of experience in all aspects of physiotherapy. Although she has specialised in spinal (back and neck pain and sciatica), joint, muscle and ligament problems.

Suzanne will continue to work part time as a full member of staff at West Suffolk hospital, along with time here giving her expertise and sympathetic approach to this clinic.

Physio First HPC Registered Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists