You are entitled to the same high standard of physiotherapy received by our fee paying clients ( both self funded and those with private medical insurance eg BUPA ) YOU HAVE PAID for it in your car insurance premiums !


1.Treatment from a highly specialised and experienced physiotherapist who has had at least 3 years post graduation work supervised in a NHS physiotherapy department dealing with musculo skeletal problems eg.  neck, back, shoulders, knees etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE extensive experience in whiplash treatment. Most of the staff here have 5+ year’s  experience  gained in the NHS. We are all UK NHS trained and some have over 15 year’s experience in treating neck / whiplash injuries.

2.Treatment in a full time permanent clinic where your confidential notes are kept under lock and key and hold a data protection certificate.

3. Treatment in a clinic that has the latest, extensive, equipment to ease your pain and speed up your recovery. A clinic that has models and charts to explain your injury to you. This clinic has over £20.000 worth of the latest equipment.

4.Treatment to include your own personally tailored , and printed exercise program in the language of your choice.

5. Treatment should be LOCAL to you, you should not be made to travel to source the nearest “cheap” physiotherapist.Extra unnecessary driving is not good for you when you have an injury, it can prolong your pain.

6. Treatment in a clinic that offers FREE loan of a TENS ( it is not for treatment to aid recovery , a TENS gives temporary relief from pain )TENS are freely available everywhere and we can get you units at cost price via the charity “Action on pain “ if you want one.

7.Treatment in a clinic that can offer you acupuncture as an option. 3 staff here are acupuncture trained

If you have been sent to the “cheap” or non LOCAL option it is your right to complain back to both your solicitor and any claims management company that sent you . It is your right to have the best , it’s your body for life !

Physio First HPC Registered Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists